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Dumbledore’s Army

Available 2 languages: English & Indonesian

Dumbledore’s Army abbreviated DA, a secret organization founded Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Their goal is to teach Hogwarts students direct practice Defence Against the Dark Arts. Emergence army is due to teachers who teach Defence Against the Dark Arts at the time, Dolores Umbrige, refuse to teach anything to them except theories in textbooks. This because Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge was afraid that Dumbledore mobilize students against the Ministry of Magic

“Dumbledore’s Army yang disingkat D.A.,merupakan organisasi rahasia yang didirikan Harry, Hermione, dan Ron. Tujuan mereka adalah untuk mengajar murid Hogwarts praktik langsung Defence Againts the Dark Arts. Munculnya laskar ini disebabkan guru yang mengajar Defence Againts the Dark Arts saat itu, Dolores Umbrige, menolak untuk mengajarkan apapun kepada mereka kecuali teori-teori dalam buku teks. Ini disebabkan Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge takut bahwa Dumbledore memobilisasi siswa melawan Ministry of Magic”

They realize that they need to exercise self-defense when one day have to deal with Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters, Hermione suggested to Harry to make a ‘study group’. Exercise they do disebuah room called the Room of Requirement.

“Mereka sadar bahwa mereka membutuhkan latihan untuk mempertahankan diri bila suatu saat nanti harus berhadapan dengan Lord Voldemort dan Death Eaters, Hermione mengusulkan kepada Harry untuk membuat sebuah ‘kelompok belajar’. Latihan mereka dilakukan disebuah ruangan yang disebut Room of Requirement.”

Name D.A. own newly created when the first rehearsal took place. Initially, Cho Chang proposed the name Defence Association. However, Ginny trigger name Dumbledore’s Army to scare the Ministry of Magic is always fearful that Dumbledore would create his army itself. To facilitate their communication Hermione uses fake Galleon been given incantation to tell the date and time of the next exercise.

“Nama D.A. sendiri baru tercipta saat latihan pertama berlangsung. Awalnya, Cho Chang mengusulkan nama Defence Association. Namun, Ginny mencetuskan nama Dumbledore’s Army untuk menakut-nakuti Kementrian Sihir yang selalu takut bahwa Dumbledore akan menciptakan laskarnya sendiri. Untuk mempermudah komunikasi mereka Hermione menggunakan Galleon palsu yang sudah diberi mantera untuk memberitahukan tanggal dan jam latihan berikutnya.”


1. Harry Potter (D.A. Leader / Teacher)

2. Ron Weasley (Co-Founder)

3. Hermione Granger (Co-Founder)

4. Hannah Abbott

5. Lavender Brown

6. Katie Bell

7. Susan Bones

8. Terry Boot

9. Cho Chang

10. Michael Corner

11. Colin Creevey

12. Denis Creevey

13. Marietta Edgecombe (betray D.A.)

14. Justin Finch-Fletchley

15. Seamus Finnigan

16. Anthony Goldstein

17. Angelina Johnson

18. Lee Jordan

19. Neville Longbottom

20. Luna Lovegood

21. Ernie Macmillan

22. Padma Patil

23. Parvati Patil

24. Zacharias Smith

25. Alicia Spinnet

26. Dean Thomas

27. Fred Weasley

28. George Weasley

29. Ginny Weasley

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